Bicycle Barista

Since I promised my self to build an English habits, I was starting read Jakarta Post. It was great at first but then I almost fall asleep. Please try to understand this situation by remember how sleepy you are when watching the movie without knowing the language. 

But suddenly my eyes stucked into an article. It was about coffee sellers on the streets, whose called Bicycle Barista. They ride a bicycle with a lot of sachets containing instant drink hanging around the bike. A pot of hot water and a thermos of ice cubes on the back of bike. A plastic cup of hot coffee is Rp 4.000 or USD 3 cent. An ice coffee is Rp 5.000, more costly with ice cube take a cost. Don’t ask about the safety of the plastic cup,  is it a source of cancer or not? 

Courtesy of mortzer. net

I am living in the neighborhood who loves being enjoyed their lives. Love to spending money by reason work hard play hard. That’s why coffee shop in the malls or exclusive store are comfy place to stay. I can’t compare Rp 5.000 a plastic cup of coffee with Rp 40.000 a tall size cup of coffee at Starbucks. Seems I should use Gini Coefficient to measure the gap between these two cups. Twins but do not similar. 

Whatever you choose the barista, whether bicycle ones or starbucks ones, please choose wisely. Let’s make our own people and local company wealthy. 

Enjoy your coffee! 


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