The Power of Do

Have you ever wake up in the morning and start to think what you have to do on that day? The brain will start to ring and make priorities. First, I have to finish the report that I already did yesterday. Then I must make another report to fulfil the mid day deadline. After that, must meet the prospect client that I already met last week. And finally all the activities will be finish successufully on the evening, closed by a cup of coffe.

I bet you wake from the bed with full plan that written on your head. The pesimistic one will have a feeling ”a little bit dizzy, a little bit passion, with big of question mark: could I do it? ”. An optimistic one never worried about the plan will happened or not. He just said, let’s do it.

Thinking is important as an activity to make a plan before do the action. So the whole action will have no weakness or mistakes on it. But sometimes, thinking is scarring. Too much think, analize all we have to do, try  to make strategies to avoid any mistakes or gap that may be happened, will make us worry and  do nothing. Just plan and never do the action.

On the beginning of this year, I already stop to THINK AND PLANNING TOO MUCH about anything. If I wish to do, I will make a plan for a while, then I will start to do it. No need any complex plan, just a simple one. Not only for short term plan, but also the long ones. Just like if I wish to go to Hajj. I know that I already have a deposits to do that, but the moment is still not there. So meanwhile I am waiting for that moment, I wish to go for Umroh, in reason there is a opportunity and company. And Insya Allah, I will do it on March 2011.

So let’s stop thinking. Just do it. That’s the power of do will provide the benefit. At least for ourselves.


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A Simple Lady with a simple attitude
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