Sin Cia

Two days ago was a starting year of the prosperous cutie rabbit, Chinese New Year of 2562. Alias, Imlek Celebration. The journey of  Kitchen God to Heaven to report of human attitude was celebrated at Indonesia since couple years ago,. Why kitchen? Because kitchen is a source of wealthness. Your stomaches will fulfil in there, and it will marked that you wealthy enough. Some said that Chinese New Year is celebration of the birth of Konghucu prophet, Confusius. He was born on 551 SM. So if you sum the number of 551 and 2011 (this year of Masehi) you will find 2562.

Many Chinese pedestrians have some ceremonial to celebrate the New Year (Or Sin Cia on Chinese languange). Such as at Semarang, we can find Pasar Semawis that sold many acessories of this celebration. Red Envelope, Gold Rabbit Statue, Men Hua trees, etc. Red Envelope or Angpau is the tradition of old chinese giving money to their childen or adults that has not marry yet. The purpose is for sharing prosperity with the form of money.

Almost all the shopping centre take an advantage of Imlek. They make a lot of discount party, sell red acessorries, give angpau to the customer (even with the specific condition, must buy minimum Rp.***). Image of Cici (chinese girl) and Koko (chinese boy) with their red uniform will stick on glass door of shopping centre, and welcome invitation on the top of the roof is written : GONG XI FA CAI or happy prosperity on new year.

One thing that I never forget about Imlek, is the heavy rain for the whole day. They said it’s for the luck. And if there in no rain on the Imlek, it’s a bad luck for the human being. This year, exactly on the day of celebration, there is no rain. Is it a bad luck? I assume on speed, because the next day there is heavy rain with high intensity of wind and flood every where. So for next year, there is a lot of prosperity for us 🙂

Happy Sin Cia and Gong Xi Fa Cai !


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