The Journey

This is my first story that the tittle match with the content. Not exactly the same, but only the language. Just wish to share my day with the blog.

Sometimes I just wonder maybe better for a human not to think. Just happily ever after receive all destiny that are given by God. The deeper you think about something, much more you will worried about the fact of life.

Yesterday, I read the effect of broken heart. What a mess. It could kill your physic, because the brain will produce the bad hormon. Thank God, whenever i will on that limit, situation always saved me. Saved by the bell.

I almost dont think about my job. Once again, dont think. With the condition unpredictable, just pass through of it. ūüôā

Ok, that’s enough for bad memories. There is always a hope, my bright future. I have a capability, a brain, and a motivation. What other things that I could thank for God.


About avieni

A Simple Lady with a simple attitude
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